Tapati (tapati) wrote,

I Am Scared For These Young Women

Trigger Warning: domestic violence.

Dear Young Ladies Who Love Chris Brown So Much They Would Let Him Beat Them

Ladies, please re-read the police report and really think about if you would want to go through that, any of it. Chris Brown didn't seem "hot" to Rihanna, he seemed fucking terrifying and she probably thought she might die. I've been there and thought so too. Please don't tweet that you would like to be beaten by anyone, because someone in your own life might take you up on it.

Police report: http://ow.ly/937Ln "The assault caused Robyn F.'s mouth to fill with blood and blood to splatter all over her clothing and the interior of the vehicle."
Tags: abuse, crime, domestic violence, dv, misogyny, sexism, violence, women
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