Tapati (tapati) wrote,

The Inmate Attempts a Coup

Kalki, to Prisni (GR board admin) If you are exhibiting your authoritarian and gang like power Sweedish style, then it is working. It is obvious now what a hungry power old aged twat you are.

Maybe you are not only a 50 something year old hare krishna zombie with a bad attitude but also illiterate and a bit dumb. Don't come crying to me, please. Just go back to school.

I don't know how people like you get off. Do you have no job and are retired and no capability of orgasm anymore and being an annoying GR nazi twat is fulflilling to you somehow?

Brainiac (mod): Kalki, your comments here are clearly crossing the line between simple disagreement and being personally abusive. You may not agree with the wordings of the GR guidelines and we can have that discussion if there is a need for updating, but for now we all agreed to follow them when signing up, so I'll remind you of the first one:

1.)A tone of civility and mutual respect shall predominate, especially when discussing different spiritual beliefs. Sarcasm should not be used in a demeaning way towards another member. Please observe general netiquette here.

Clearly, claims of senility and personal abuse are strongly discouraged. If one disagrees with what another person says, it is enough to state your disagreement and optionally explain why politely, or even not respond at all if it bothers you so much, not with personal abuse about mental faculties, name-calling and referring to people as Nazis.

Please refrain from this in future.

Kalki: blah blah blah And I won't be held by lame board rules unless they are changed. blah blah blah

more Kalki: Oh, and the bit about "we all agreed to the board rules..." I am not sure. I joined in 2005 and I thought they may have been changed or updated since then. I am sure of it because of that thing with Darwin that made the "don't talk back to mods" rule. And anyway, when I read the rules I didn't read them alot. I was not asked to. There was no requirement and I did not suspect that anyone was going to try to ban me for posting up a Christian website link that explains NWO. I didnt' suspect such things go on at GR. I am sorry. Really. My interactions increased here on the forum just as a method to defend myself against this accusation. I never had that much interest in discussing here because I saw a lot of threads trail off into space and I can't handle that too well.

Dear Kalki,

You agreed to abide by rules merely by entering the forum and when you joined there was wording to that effect in the sign up process. It is an implied contract by posting in the forum. You are lucky that Prisni even was willing to give you the time of day after the way you've talked AT her all along, much less patiently waded through the shit you were shoveling and really tried to answer you seriously until you became totally offensive to her. You are trying to BE the dictator at GR and lay down the law for everyone, including the mods, without actually taking on the responsibility that goes with it. You declined to come forward and volunteer to be a mod but now you are trying to act like the de facto arbiter of all that is fair at GR while spewing out ageist and sexist hate speech at Prisni. Then when called on it you actually have to ask for Brainiac to quote back to you what you wrote that was over the line? As if you didn't know?

Who do you think you are? You show up once in awhile, write manically (or perhaps maniacally) for a few weeks and disappear again. But you think you should tell regular members who are there day in and day out how everything should be run. If you think you know the one true way to run a forum, do what I did: go start one. I didn't stay at Gaudiya Discussions and harangue them about how they should run their forum for MY benefit. When I saw that it wasn't designed to meet my needs as a FORMER Vaishnava I got some friends together and started GR. If you don't like GR, go start your own forum. Or is that too much work? It's so much easier to throw stones from the sidelines.

In case you didn't know, here is the meaning of one of the words you've been aiming at Prisni:

"The word twat has various functions. It is a vulgar synonym for the human vulva,[1] but is more widely used as a derogatory epithet, especially in British English. The word may originate from Old Norse þveit meaning cut, slit, or forest clearing." Somehow I suspect you weren't calling her a forest clearing.
Tags: age discrimination, gr, sexism

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