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30 January 2012 @ 01:42 pm
In Response to Topics on Gaudiya Repercussions  
I would like to tell Nitabhangra -a.- thank you for his farewell msg to me, it was very kind and -b.- I totally agree that the Indios mating with goats quote was extremely racist and of course I am sensitive to such things on behalf of my half-Mexican (and therefore part Native American) grandsons though I was against that kind of racist language before as well. A lot of times these kinds of slurs lurk in our culture and we repeat them without thinking but it should always be challenged to help us break these bad habits. And yes I also wish Istagosthi's archive were available because there were things written by others I would like to refer to again.

I would like to ask Brainiac why it was ok for Meta to sneak a look at my private correspondence with his wife but not ok for Dave and I to take a look once we heard I was being badmouthed in that men's topic? Why was it ok for Meta to bash his wife all over the internet but not ok if I call him out on his bad behavior towards her? What kind of messed up double standard is that?

I didn't see support going on in that topic so much as Meta wanting his friends to help him bash his wife and the one person who was trying to offer some balance got criticized. We have no desire to return if that kind of thing is allowed (ie Brainiac himself helping to badmouth two other members of the forum in a place they are not able to defend themselves).
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