Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Jim Hines Strikes a Pose

Jim Hines decides to show, not tell, how impractical and downright uncomfortable many of the poses you see women in on urban fantasy book covers. Would true warriors dress and pose like that? Reminds me of the portrayal of Mercy on Patricia Briggs' books. The art is lovely but Mercy is a practical soul trying to be taken seriously as a mechanic who owns her own shop. I hardly think she would really bare her midriff during business hours. It gives you a false impression of her character and of the books themselves, so in that sense it might be working against sales. Sure the books do well but how many turn away because they want a serious heroine and think the cover is the real Mercy?

You gotta see these poses, they are so funny. Watching a man try to get into them just makes it so obvious how ridiculous they are.

ETA: link fixed
Tags: books, fantasy, sci fi

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