Tapati (tapati) wrote,

If I were a better person

If I were a better person I wouldn't enjoy following the trials and tribulations of Bush and company quite so much. I might even feel sorry for them.

I am not a better person.

It is so rare to see the rich and powerful who abuse their position and privilege reap what they sow that I am thoroughly enjoying every minute.

If this were a physical problem or illness that Bush was suffering I wouldn't be gloating. But he's suffering in precisely the arena he deserves to suffer--politics--and if he had behaved differently as president he wouldn't be in this position.

Besides, Republicans didn't hesitate to gloat over Whitewater and Lewinsky when Clinton was president. Some of them are still gloating. Now it's our turn.

I hope the Democrats can get together a bold vision for change that demonstrates their distinct differences from the Republican party. A new poll shows that voters now prefer a Democratic-controlled Congress by 9%, 48-39.

I notice that the political observers vary over whether Democrats should go on the attack more or hold back and let the Republicans hang themselves. My own take on it is that while it does look like the worst kind of opportunism to merely attack--which I feel free to do in the confines of my own little journal--I think it's advantageous to respond to their troubles with apparent sympathy and then in the next breath offer what we would do differently or what we would do to clean up after their mess. That looks constructive.
Tags: bush, politics

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