Tapati (tapati) wrote,

We've Forgotten Just How Bad Hospital Birth Was

Ina May Gaskin on the beginning of the home birth movement and more.

Whether you are for or against home births, there is no doubt that the competition of the home birth movement pushed hospitals to change many of their practices. Hospitals make lots of money on childbirth, money they lose in the ER. Losing those births really hurt them and forced them to be more responsive to the complaints of women who didn't want forceps used routinely, and didn't want surgery unless it was absolutely necessary. Women also wanted a more homey and welcoming environment, not a cold, clinical room. We didn't want scopolamine or even epidurals and we wanted to be treated like the adults we were. If your hospital birth was a pleasant one, you have the home birth movement to thank. You're welcome. :)

I made good use of Ina's book, Spiritual Midwifery when I had my two children at home with a lay midwife in attendance, blocks from a hospital if needed.
Tags: birth, feminism
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