Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Packs With Love

I saw a news item tonight about two girls who started Packs With Love to donate backpacks to kids in need. I remember struggling to buy backpacks for my kids when they were in school. I managed it but some families just can't. And one year, my son's backpack was stolen with his school books inside. His dad replaced it that time.

When I have some cash I'm planning to donate and I would love to see this idea spread. They fill packs with school supplies before they are donated. :)

It would be good for foster kids too.

Email packswithlove@yahoo.com to get involved by organizing a drop off site or to donate.

See also: http://www.diablomag.com/D-blog/News-and-Community/July-2009/Packs-With-Love-is-outfitting-needy-students-with-what-they-need-backpacks-and-supplies/
Tags: charity, kids

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