Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Foodstamp Challenge

Some members of Congress are trying a week on a foodstamp budget. Want to play along? An average amount per recipient is $31.50 per week or $4.50 per day. Can you put together three nutritious meals for $4.50? Remember, the average recipient also starts the foodstamp month with a pretty much bare pantry (maybe a little flour or a bit of rice or something, not the pantry I have these days). Oh and fraud accounts for 1 penny on the dollar. (CNN video)

See my short story, Foodstamp Blues for a glimpse into the realities of the program. The amount reflected actual amounts I received in the late 80s as a single parent and student. At one point I fed 4 on 108.00 per month, 2 adults and 2 children. We ate a lot of beans and rice and vegetables were like a seasoning. We were vegetarians so didn't have to pay for meat as well.
Tags: food, poverty, welfare

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