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Single Dad Laughing--On Divorce

I've enjoyed the blog Single Dad Laughing since I discovered it last year with a viral post about bullying. I can empathize with Dan, the author, because our mutual experiences with bullying and verbal abuse left us with low self esteem. He is a young dad, twice divorced, who started his blog as therapy and was caught off guard when a few posts went viral and suddenly was getting book deal offers and a lot of "flavor of the month" excitement. The book deals didn't go through ("books about dads don't sell") and so he self published.

I thought of his blog recently as I watched a couple I have known for years start down the road to divorce. Custody issues are quickly turning people who once loved each other into bitter adversaries and so I've been pondering divorce and how my own went. For me, custody wasn't ever in question so it wasn't a factor--which I now see as a blessing. My concern was how to keep a decent relationship with my former abuser because I didn't want my kids to grow up like me, without a dad in their lives. If anything, I was frustrated that he didn't want to spend more time with his kids because I was the one who had to deal with their pain and disappointment and make excuses for him.

Below are some Single Dad Laughing posts related to his divorces and the aftermath that I've found helpful in exploring my own feelings of sadness about my friends' divorce (still feeling good about my own although I was sad at the time). I am hoping that they will find peace at the end of this difficult journey as well as some equilibrium as co-parents.

Time vs. the Worthless Heart

Should you get divorced?

The awesome awkwardness of announcing “the split”

The money pit no longer

When Noah's Not Here

The ten rules of the Divorce Club

Lawyers, you can’t live with ‘em, you can’t get divorced without ‘em.

Bonus post that applies to every human experience, including divorce and marriage:

The Disease Called "Perfection"

Do any of my divorced readers have words of wisdom about the process and about co-parenting?
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