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Shocking Acts of Violence by Anti-Violence Writer

A day that began with a pre-dawn bloodbath at a Cupertino cement plant, grewinto a massive manhunt that spread through a residential neighborhood in Sunnyvale, where SWAT teams in heavy body armor swept from house to house, frantically looking for the killer.

By the time darkness fell Wednesday, three people were dead, seven more had been treated for gunshot wounds at area hospitals and the suspected shooter, Shareef Allman, remained at large.

Allman, a 47-year-old heavy equipment operator at Lehigh Hanson's Permanente Cement Plant, , had been in a safety meeting with more than a dozen co-workers when, police say, he pulled a gun from his waistband and began shooting. One of the survivors of the shooting told the Mercury News that Allman felt co-workers were trying have him fired after he was repeatedly accused of driving recklessly at the quarry.

Many of his neighbors used to watch the community TV show Allman produced on San Jose's cable CreaTV, and saw him as a successful entrepreneur. In a videotaped interview, Allman talked about a book he wrote to empower women against domestic violence.

"I'm a father and raised a daughter from birth,'' Allman said in the interview, "and growing up in that type of environment and seen men abuse women, I said I can do something as an individual to make a difference."

The suspect is still at large.

I am sad for the families of his victims and also for his family. I hope he is safely apprehended and has a chance to make amends and redeem himself. He had lived a good life up to this point, a life where he tried to make a difference and reduce violence in our society. I hope this doesn't end up defining his whole life. We seem to have difficulty in our society with complexities of psychology and behavior. Good people do sometimes do bad things under pressure, and our whole society is under pressure right now.

I don't live very far from the area where these events took place. I think we are all on edge until he is in custody.
Tags: death, domestic violence, violence

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