Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Spirit Airlines Remarkably Clueless and Offensive

-Trigger warning for rape and sexual assault survivors-




I love this woman's spirit. She is absolutely not backing down in the face of Spirit Airlines' callous response to her report of sexual assault on their plane, a report she made in the interest of preventing the same man from assaulting other women. It may have been difficult to find her voice at the time but she's found it now.

I attended a workshop once that addressed how to react in such situations and had us practice. I think practicing verbal responses is just as important as practicing physical self defense techniques if not more so. Because it is only human to be shocked and speechless if we don't practice.

What we were told to do is loudly *name the behavior* as we tell the guy to stop. Yes even if people are sleeping on a flight. We all have to get over our reluctance to make a scene. So loudly say, "Get your hands off my thigh and my breast. Stop groping me. I'm reporting your behavior." "Attendant, move this guy to sit by another man immediately, he's groping me while I try to sleep. I want to report this officially. He's flying on your airline again and he should never be trusted to sit by any women." Also, in her situation she could ask the other guy to trade seats with her. But I fully understand her shock because I've been there. We need practice, lots of practice. We need strategies already thought out before we're in shock, things we can fall back on without having to think them through while traumatized.

And there is no wrong way to handle anything. We do the best we can in any situation and we try to survive. And that's ok.
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