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World of Class Warfare - The Poor's Free Ride Is Over - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 08/18/11 -

http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/thu-august-18-2011/world-of-class-warfare---the-poor-s-free-ride-is-over?xrs=playershare_fb (via shareaholic)

I saw this last night and it was excellent. Fox news freaking out at Warren Buffett's call to tax the rich just a bit more, calling it class warfare, juxtaposed with Fox "pundits" calling for poor people to stop getting away with not paying any taxes (except social security/medicare/unemployment/etc). LOVE IT.

Seriously, FOX hates poor people. ["They are absolutely getting a free ride."] (And why not, theyre no use to them.) And gosh, those rich people are so injured by our complete disregard for their ability to continue paying 40K a night for a spacious and ridiculously luxurious villa at Ceasar's in Las Vegas. What is the world coming to? So those people who have a family of four making up to 22,350. per year ought to just pay up. Oh and kill NPR, that'll do it.

Fox: "...more skin in the game."

Jon: "That's the problem with poor people. They still have some of their skin."
Tags: class issues, classism, politics, poverty, taxes

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