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08 October 2005 @ 07:12 pm
What if it's just about money?  
Watching the great trainwreck that is the Bush Administration and its dire consequences for our nation I have had many theories about what's really going on with our president and his cronies.

I've thought that he is a Christian fanatic. I've thought that he isn't but pretends to be in order to get their votes. I've thought that Dick Cheney was the real power behind the throne. I've thought that he and his cronies are just out to essentially loot America and line their pockets. I've thought that they are so fanatical that they are trying to bring on an Armageddon that they believe in courtesy of the Book of Revelations. I've thought they were genuine political fanatics who believe in their neo-con world view. I've thought that they want to dominate the Mid-East for control of its oil. I've thought a lot of things to explain to myself why they do the things they do, to try to find some logical sense in it all.

Watching Bush's popularity tank and watching him take a beating for appointing yet another crony to an undeserved position immediately after the Brown/Katrina fiasco, I wondered why he would do such a thing so close to the next elections and why his handlers (or advisors) would let him. When even members of his own party are up in arms about the Supreme Court nomination of Harriet Miers you'd expect him to back track or at least try to construct a more thoughtful defense of her credentials.

Now I'm wondering if his handlers are deliberately allowing him to tank in the polls and deliberately hanging him out to dry to deflect attention from themselves. I'm wondering if this is what they planned all along. I'm wondering if they picked a guy who was so anti-intellectual that he would never see through their plans, and would make an excellent figurehead for their deliberate looting of America, lining their own pockets, pumping money into their companies and getting plum jobs for themselves. I'm wondering if they care neither for their country or their party, simply for their own financial bottom line. I'm wondering if they always planned to leave him as the visible scapegoat for their actions as they fade into their private sector jobs and he is the face of these policies for generations to come.

I wonder if they played him for the fool he is.
KaliSurferkali_surfer on October 9th, 2005 06:10 am (UTC)
Great Theory!
I don't like conspiracy theories much, but the reality of this situation is so bizarre that I think you may have tapped into something very plausible. If this whole story was written down as fiction 6 years ago, it would of sold as a comic thriller, but not be considered credible in the real world of the time, but surprise, it is all happening right before our eyes. They often say, “If you want the truth, follow the money” and with that saying in mind, your theory makes a lot of scary sense and I do think it is quit possible they did play him for the fool he was and is!
Tapatitapati on October 9th, 2005 10:21 am (UTC)
Re: Great Theory!
The idea came to me as I watched Bill Maher's show and his interview with Ann Coulter. Her dismay at Bush's appointment of Harriet Miers and some of his other actions was clear. It made me think about how much he's recently disappointed his own base. The recent Associated Press poll demonstrates that his base now sharply disapproves of him. Republicans are speaking anxiously about the mid term elections. Watching West Wing has given me more of an appreciation of how the administration's actions affect campaigns within the same party.

So why would Republicans act with such disregard for the party? If they were in it for religion they'd look out for party interests. If they were in it for their devout neo-con political views they'd watch out for party interests. But they don't seem to care about what happens to the Republicans who try to get elected from now on. So what is left? Oil and money (interchangeable really).

It also explains why fiscally they have behaved in such an anti-conservative manner. They don't care about the Federal debt. As long as they make out like bandits they don't care about how America's grandchildren pay off the debt. It won't affect their rich offspring much.

Just like they don't care about global warming--it won't happen fast enough to affect them.

The only thing getting their attention is the more immediate threat of bird flu. Hard to enjoy your millions if you're stricken with a killer flu.
Tapatitapati on October 9th, 2005 10:46 am (UTC)
Re: Great Theory!
Ironically, I just found this conservative blogger who in his own way echoes my theory: