Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Young Adult Tug of War

Why The Best Kids Books Are Written In Blood

Darkness Too Visible

Are YA books too dark these days? Should all YA books portray only healthy families and situations? Is it possible to shield children completely (and ALL children or just a fortunate few)? What do the so-called "dark" books contribute? Can they do any harm?

I have my own ideas on the subject but I thought I'd let people weigh in, and I'd like to mull over all of my thoughts about my own reading during my teen years and the YA books I've been previewing for my grandkids. One thing I will say, I do think it is important to read the books one brings into the home but I think my criteria may differ from those of some parents and grandparents. Naturally, those in the YA age range will also find their own books in libraries, bookstores or online. But a healthy dose of books previewed for quality may help guide them in choosing and evaluating their own books.
Tags: books, children, reading

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