Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Trump Done Lost His Mind

Trump takes all the credit for President Obama's release of the long form of his certificate of live birth. Of course the crazies have been demanding this since President Obama was elected. Even though it was against Hawaii law to release it and the short form is supposed to be sufficient for gaining a passport etc., the birther's would not give up. I think we all knew that it wouldn't satisfy them but finally, it's been released. Now they can go to the next level of crazy as they say it's photo-shopped or otherwise falsified. Whatever.

Few things are as clearly about racism as this one is. I have never in my life heard a stink being raised about the birth certificate of any president, ever. Even the question about McCain's being born in Panama didn't raise this level of continuous questions over a long period of time for which no proof seems sufficient short of time travel to the birthing room. (Even then I guess they could be actors pretending to be his parents.)

One must conclude that race is at the bottom of it for that segment of the population that both dislikes his policies and resents that a black man outranks them by virtue of being president. So they have to, in their minds, make him NOT president so they can feel secure in their position and privilege once again.

Trump is actually proud to take credit for the release of the long form birth certificate. Proud! I can't imagine being more disconnected with reality than that, personally, but I guess I'm not a rich entitled white man who just can't cope with the idea of being outranked by a black president. I suspect that's the real reason he's making this presidential bid, if that's what it turns out to be. It's like he's really saying, "Oh yeah? Well I can buy the presidency, so I'll show you!" Trump also says that since President Obama admitted some of his college grades weren't stellar, there is some mystery in how he got into Columbia and Harvard since Trump knows (rich, white) boys with stellar grades who didn't get accepted. He stopped short of suggesting racial quotas as being the reason. He's clearly trying to stir up the racist segment of the voting population. How low will Trump go? That remains to be seen.

On that note I leave you with two links: ...Klansman Trump Reminds Blacks They Will Never Be American and Whoopi Goldberg: "Well, you know what? I'm playing the damn [race] card now."
Tags: classism, politics, racism
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