Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Tuesday Twofer

Kathy Bonanno, despite her best effort to safeguard her daughter as she exited a bad relationship with an unstable man, was forced to endure one of the worst things any parent could--the violent murder of her daughter. The poet and Unitarian Universalist distilled her grief into a searing book of poetry. The result, Slamming Open The Door, may help other parents trying to make sense of what is inherently senseless. ETA: Link to Poem About Light.


. . . don’t make the poor man say it;
see how human he is,
he has children of his own,
it is your job to ask:
Is she dead?

And he will nod and say yes.
And now he can never not nod.
And now he can never say no.
And now he can never not say

On a much lighter note, Julia Sweeney is surprised to find out how unprepared she was for "the talk" about sex with her 9 year old daughter. Put down your drink before you read this one!

But What Do They Do With Their Legs?

Tags: children, murder, parenting, poetry, sex, sex education, violence

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