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Serenity number two

Those of us who'd like to see more of the Firefly saga need to go see Serenity a few more times each. Although it opened second this weekend it was not as big a bump as we'd all hoped for. From scifi wire:

Serenity Opens At No. 2

Joss Whedon's SF adventure film Serenity, based on the short-lived Fox TV series Firefly, debuted in second place at the box office with a lukewarm $10.1 million in ticket sales for the weekend of Sept. 30, the Associated Press reported. It was overtaken by the Jodie Foster vehicle Flightplan, which earned $15 million in its second week of release.

Even if you are not normally a sci fi fan, this story highlighting government abuse of freedoms is a timely one. It is also a good movie to see on the big screen rather than at home on DVD. Please give it a chance!
Tags: firefly, joss whedon, sci fi, serenity

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