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Bhakti Tirtha Swami passed away

Today my Godbrother* Bhakti Tirtha Swami passed away.

I have been following the posts of his disciples as he came closer and closer to dying of cancer. At first, of course, he was fighting it and getting whatever treatments and surgeries were available. Finally the doctors told him it was time to accept his approaching death, and after some traveling to see his disciples in different temples he retreated to Gita Nagari, a farm temple, to absorb himself in preparing spiritually for death by hearing about the Lord, chanting the name of the Lord, and otherwise narrowing his focus to his relationship with God and his own guru maharaj. He allowed his disciples to share this process in order to help those of us who want to learn from it for help when our own death approaches. It has been heart rending to read the news from his disciples as they watched him slip farther and farther away from them towards his death. It brought up my own feelings of loss from when my spiritual master, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami, left the planet. Even though I no longer follow that path, I remember my grief and even now I wish I could talk to him. So I know something of what is in store for them in the days to come.

At one point it was clear that he felt ready to leave any time, yet still his body clung to life, against his wishes, in extreme pain. We like to think that we'd just relax into death and escape the pain--yet even that is not under our control, except in movies.

There are pictures as well, both of Bhakti Tirtha himself and their reaction to his death.

http://www.btswami.com is the site where the story and pictures can be found, as well as links to some of his writing and lectures.

Bright Blessings to Bhakti Tirtha on his journey!

*we had the same spiritual master, so we are Godsister and Godbrother

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