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Linkety Links

Links I've been posting on Facebook lately, various subjects:

Japan: Help with money, not stuff, an interesting account of why sending things is more problematic on the receiving end than it is helpful.

How To Survive The Apocalypse, a humorous guide to disaster preparedness with a good supply list for your kit, whether it's for huge storms, earthquakes, or the zombie apocalypse.

Time And Date.Com has all things time and date related that you might need to look up.

The Arab Woman You Don't See a beautifully written article by Queen Noor of Jordan about women as peacemakers, Islam as a religion that supports equality, and the professional women that the media doesn't show you.

NH GOP State Congressman Says Disabled and Mentally Ill Are ‘Defective People’ And Should Be Shipped To Siberia.

I have sex! Young people want us to know why Planned Parenthood is vital in this youtube video.

Watching The World Become Water is a beautifully written account of watching the tsunami strike Japan and feeling with the people trying to escape the waves. "Someone, in a body as human as mine, moved with muscles flooded adrenalin and a mind screaming from fear, focused on escape. Someone, as human as I, contained a heart on the verge of
breaking...In the looping of that footage, we were together beyond time: nameless
and unknown to each other."

Filmmaker says 1st name Usama led to beating.

Tsunami Wave Height Model Shows Pacific-Wide Impact. Strangely beautiful with the vivid colors.

This is what class war looks like, a fascinating chart comparing poor people's needs to tax breaks for the rich and corporations.

Illinois Abolishes Death Penalty

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