Tapati (tapati) wrote,

The Disposable Woman

The Disposable Woman by Anna Holmes, is a New York Times op-ed piece that asks some pertinent questions about Sheen's history and what the media chooses to focus on as well as why CBS waited so long to rein him in.

Do men like Sheen choose to beat up on sex-workers for the same reason that serial killers so often choose them as victims? Have we decided that they are disposable? And just why is it that Charlie Sheen's career has been unaffected despite guilty and no contest pleas to abuse and assault of women but Chris Brown's career suffered so much?

Note that it wasn't until Sheen publicly criticized a man who was above him in the hierarchy that CBS put the show on hold and then canceled the remaining episodes this season.
Tags: abuse, celebrities, drugs, dv, prejudice, violence, women

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