Tapati (tapati) wrote,

What a great idea



A unique gift registry that also combines the benefits of social media, MedGift provides a community of support for patients and an online listing of a patient’s specific Needs, Wants and Wishes during treatment and recovery, similar to any other gift registry.

The Needs section enables the patient to request assistance with personal medical expenses related to treatment and recovery. At some MedGift-affiliated healthcare facilities, supporters can securely submit PayPal or credit card payments and have them post against the patient's account, directly through the MedGift site.

The Wants section lists items the patient wants that can be purchased with a gift card, such as a new wig, magazine subscriptions, medical devices, or meals to support the family.

The Wishes section includes items that provide emotional or practical support, such as prayers, child care, shopping assistance, visits, and transportation to appointments.
Tags: chronic illness, finances, friends, health, health care, surgery

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