Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Some pics

Here are some pics (so far) of my neck surgery recovery process and my delightful new choice in accessories. Goes with everything!

Behind the cut:

Dave visits me at the hospital:

Room mate evacuated while I slept, blissfully unaware of my new, quarantined status:

(way to clear out a room!)

My only view out (second room--I was not by the window in the first room):

Not bad!

My incision covered by the yellowish "steri-tape" until my stitches were removed (which just happened today, new pictures shall be posted):

My latest accessory:

I can't really smile in this thing since it severely limits the jaw muscles. Chewing is fun too. :)

ETA: that mermaid plate in the background is one of two (other mermaid is a blond) that I purchased in the gift shop of Dominican hospital years ago when I was there for a cardiac test. LOVE THEM. :)
Tags: bio, doctor, health, health care, pain, surgery
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