Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Happy Holidays to You (and you, and you, and...)

I have been busy with medical stuff lately, my MRI, surgical consult, pondering my options and applying ice packs 'round the clock. My sleep cycle is off and I'm cranky. The MRI, usually an easy test if you're not claustrophobic, was a disaster because lying flat makes my arm hurt like holy hell. I had to ask them to let me out three times so I could hold it up and get a little relief. My ice pack had worn off and riding to the test site made my arm hurt more to begin with. I hate to hold up tests like that and throw everyone off schedule, but seriously, I wanted to scream. I burst into tears when I left the waiting room, and I HATE to cry in public.

The good news is that my daughter and grandchildren are coming and should arrive, barring horrible blizzards in the Sierras, the evening of the 23rd. Although I don't celebrate Christmas, we will do something for the kids because all children want to celebrate Christmas. :)

I must scramble to get things tidied up enough for a toddler who will put things in her mouth and will want to touch everything she sees. That's a tall order!

So if I'm not writing a lot in the next couple of weeks, that is what I'm busy with.
Tags: family, health, solstice

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