Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Fringe Love

In science fiction there have been many books about alternate universes. It's reached the general public to the extent that many of us joke about things like "In an alternate universe, Gore was president." The Fox tv show Fringe dares to fully imagine that other universe, meeting our "twins," and what might happen as a result of our interaction. There are some truly great performances, including John Noble from Lord of the Rings (Denethor) playing Walter Bishop in both universes, a complex man in any universe.

Fringe's ratings have suffered opposite Grey's. It's moving to Fridays at 9 on January 28. If you're looking for great science fiction and something to watch during the December dead zone of re-runs and specials, consider checking this out on Netflix. Every season has grown richer as we come to the core conflicts of the story, with great stand-alone episodes too.
Tags: sci fi, science fiction, tv

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