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28 September 2005 @ 06:29 pm
Tom DeLay's misfortune  
On this day of short sleep accompanied by migraine pain, I was heartened by Tom DeLay's indictment and his blustering response. Men like him never think they'll be held accountable but this time it looks like he will be.

Tim Grieve over at Salon put together a list of Republicans like DeLay who've been implicated in various corrupt activities. For a party that promised to bring decency back to government they seem to have a skewed notion of what that is.

Or is it not corrupt as long as it doesn't involve sex? As far as I'm concerned, bring back the lighthearted sex scandals rather than this wanton abuse of power. A man betraying his marriage vows in the White House doesn't disturb me as much as politicians who are betraying their oaths of office or divulging state secrets that endanger lives.
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