Tapati (tapati) wrote,

The arm pain is back

Obviously the cortisone injection's effect has worn off. It was aching a little last week but the past two days it's back to the stabbing feeling again. I've been babying my neck in every way possible and avoiding the vibrations of being in cars, under virtual house arrest.

I'm really not prepared to go through life having these injections and waiting anxiously for them to wear off. This isn't acceptable.

I have to talk to my doctor because I'm not going back to the specialist who didn't even want to give me the injection or the other doctor who failed to make sure I was numb even after I told him that it takes me longer than most people to get numb. Nor did he stop right away and realize that I wasn't. I mean, duh, I'm freaking out for a reason! So I don't know if that means I need to go to some other Kaiser facility (if I'm allowed) or what. If my primary doctor hassles me about asking for another doctor or facility that's going to be the last straw.

I seriously want to ask about surgery. There is a minimally invasive one that might help loosen the pressure in this area that they think might be causing this.
Tags: bio, chronic pain, depression, doctor, health, health care

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