Tapati (tapati) wrote,

I Guess A Half-Assed Apology is Better Than None

NPR: 'Cooks Source' Update: Magazine (Sort Of) Issues Weirdest Semi-Apology Ever


I have to agree with NPR. This is a lot like what Judith wrote in the first place except that it tries to be nicer. This "apology" still evades any responsibility. It alludes to a mistake but no mention of who made the mistake. There is a lot of blaming language about writers' submissions and hackers who took over the Facebook page and how their advertisers were harassed, but apparently all Cooks Source did was make a teensy mistake.

It's not the mistake, stupid, it's the off putting email reply when it was pointed out. Your advertisers would never have received a single call if you had responded properly to Monica's reasonable request.

Cooks Source, you don't seem sorry at all--not for talking to Monica like she was some stupid little girl who couldn't write (yet who had material worth stealing). All you're sorry for is that you got publicly called to task and you lost advertisers.

That's as good as they're going to get, but it's pretty sad.

At least the Columbia School of Journalism and their local food bank got donations.
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