Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Cooks Source Update

Paula Deen was ripped off too and she has a legal department.

Word has spread to the U.K. about Judith Griggs' internet theft.

A discussion on Cooks Source's own Facebook pages is helping readers join together and spot other instances of possible internet theft and plagiarism.

I and others have reported some of these. I got an email back from NPR thanking me.

I am almost feeling sorry for Judith by now--except that her nasty email to one of the people she so casually ripped off prevents me from going too far down that path.

Other entries:









http://www.edrants.com/the-cooks-source-scandal-how-a-magazine-profits-on-theft/ --this one shows more stolen material! "The July 2010 issue also reproduced at least seven recipes from The Food Network."

Tags: theft, writing

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