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Internet Fail

Did you know that everything on the web is "public domain."


I didn't either, but apparently Cooks Source magazine thinks so--or at least their editor Judith Griggs said so in an email. (We aren't supposed to copy her email, according to the bottom of it, but since she has no respect for copyright why should we?)

I was flabbergasted to read today that Cooks Source just flat out stole content and when the author was alerted and, thinking perhaps someone had submitted it without informing them of its origin, wrote to them in good faith attempting to get some reasonable fee for her writing.

I first read the story about Cooks Source here.

The author's original account of this theft, along with quotes from Judith's email, is here.

Since it's just fine to lift things from web sites, here is the contact information for Cook's Source:

Call us at (413) 397-3338
Drop us a note at P.O. Box 273,
Sunderland, MA 01375
or email us at

Here is the original article that was stolen from, with the copyright notice clearly shown.


Pass this information along, by all means. Oh, and do enjoy the irate comments of fellow writers and editors, readers, and others who are outraged at this on the magazine's Facebook page. Someone should really be doing damage control there fast!


ETA: Apparently the stole from foodtv as well: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/giada-de-laurentiis/breakfast-tart-with-pancetta-and-green-onions-recipe/index.html




She also stole from webmd



Too long to just post url to Cooks Source rip off page.

Someone else noticed that Sunset Magazine apparently contributed material for a canning article, but I didn't keep the urls after I looked at them. I mean, wow. Is ALL their content stolen? Or are they using syndicated content and just not crediting the source?
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