Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Contact CBS About Sheen

An anonymous commenter made the excellent point that we have a role to play in responding to Sheen's employer (and making sure ratings drop for his show, which I never watched anyway). CBS has a feedback form. You can choose the show from a drop down menu.

I wrote:

I don't know how many employers would continue to put up with an employee who repeatedly acts violently towards women and destroys property while maintaining a substance abuse problem, without requiring that employee to get treatment for both problems as a condition of continuing employment. Does Charlie Sheen have to actually murder someone before you react?

I can't watch the show and the only reason people still do is because this society doesn't take violence against women very seriously. Perhaps you should run PSAs about domestic violence during every show to at least demonstrate that you don't think this is ok, and to give male viewers that message as well. Continuing to show Sheen every week tends to give the opposite message.

There's nothing funny about violence against women.
Tags: celebrities, domestic violence, media, sexism, violence, women

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