Tapati (tapati) wrote,

The Great Enablers

Domestic Abusers Need Help, Not Forgiveness

Or why enabling isn't helping the Hollywood batterers. Really, Hollywood is the biggest enabler of all.


By now everyone has heard about Charlie Sheen’s drunken drug-fueled rage over the weekend in a New York hotel room. Sheen was spending time with an escort and couldn’t find his wallet or cell phone and accused her of stealing it. He flew into a rampage and began to throw furniture around the hotel room and the woman was so frightened she locked herself in the bathroom.

This was blamed on a bad reaction to some medicine. Jay Leno incorporated it into his monologue with a fake warning label about side effects such as "screaming, throwing things and locking a naked woman in the bathroom." (Not an exact quote, coming from my foggy memory.) One of Leno's pet peeves, judging by years of monologues, is Hollywood celebrities getting away with bad behavior and even murder.

Sheen continues to be employed but ought to be forced to participate in a treatment program for violent men as a condition of his employment. Of course he won't be, because Hollywood, like an enabling spouse, wants to make everything look normal.
Tags: alcoholism, batterers. women, celebrities, domestic violence, violence

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