Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Will the Real Christians Please Stand Up, Please Stand Up

I always remind myself that not all Christians are narrow-minded bigots. I've known Christians who really do endeavor to live up to Christ's all-inclusive love and leave judging up to God as their Bible demands.

Then there are the other kind of Christians. One wishes they would choose another name for themselves so it would be less confusing and not smear the names of good Christians.

In the article Eight Straight Suicides, Mike Adams had me wondering why a few instances of challenge to anti-homosexual Christian students or teachers should cause them to commit suicide. I mean, it normally takes years of constant harassment to cause gay teens and young adults to commit suicide, plus perhaps rejection by their own parents.

The answer is that they didn't--commit suicide, that is. It was all a journalistic charade to make the point that the Christians were stronger because they had their faith, while all the gay students had was their sexuality.

Clearly Mr. Adams knows nothing about being both gay and devoutly Christian, struggling with their sexuality and trying for years to pray it away before finally accepting that it wasn't going to change. Mr. Adams can't imagine the despair of having your Christian parents throw you out of the house or subjecting you to Church-based counseling that just causes you to hate yourself.

I would suggest that if the Christians profiled in his article were subjected to all of that, over many years, they might not be so strong just because they have faith.

Subjecting readers to such a hoax is despicable. Go ahead, Mr. Adams, feel persecuted because all of society won't live by your holy book any more. Mock our children's deaths and keep on demonstrating that you don't know the first thing about what Jesus Christ is purported to stand for. You are far more interested in policing other people's sex lives than in turning the other cheek, doing unto others as you would have them do unto you or loving others as you love yourself.
Tags: glbt, jesus, news media, religion, religious abuse, religious right, suicide, verbal abuse
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