Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Employment Laws Protect Adults--What About Our Kids?

This came up in response to a previous comment--why do we give adult employees more protections from a potentially hostile work environment than we give children in the schools we send them to all day every day? Adults have far greater ability to defend themselves, seek other jobs, negotiate with employers and supervisors, and cope with stress than kids and teens do. Adults are not in as high risk a category for suicide as teens are. So what gives? Why haven't we added legal protections for kids? Kids are told they are too sensitive and they shouldn't take the "teasing" seriously. But adults sure do when it happens to them!

See the definitions of hostile work environment in California! Kids can only dream of protection like that!

I was thinking of writing to schools but maybe I should include legislators in my list of people to push for action on this vital issue.

ETA: Here's one resource for schools: http://www.jodeeblanco.com/seminars.htm
Tags: bio, education, jobs, kids, learning disabilities, schools, suicide, suicide prevention, verbal abuse, work, workplace

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