Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Heartbreaking Teen Suicides

Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered teens are often at risk for suicide. Teens of any orientation are a high risk group. Add the kind of harassment glbt teens (or teens perceived to be glbt) are singled out for plus the potential rejection by some families (fortunately there are loving and accepting families too) and you have a recipe for disaster. My own daughter was harassed at Soquel High School and nothing was done to put a stop to it. She chose to leave the school. (And yes, it gets better--she's a happy mother of three today. Fortunately she lived to reach that happy future.)

For whatever reason, in a month's time there have been FIVE glbt teen suicides. Perhaps we don't always hear about them and it isn't an unusual number (there's a horrid thought) but in this case we did hear and we are reacting in a variety of ways. There is a Facebook group, a series of youtube videos, blog posts, news stories and other reactions to this completely unacceptable loss of life and potential.


Trevor Lifeline: 866 4-U-Trevor (866 488-7386)


Tags: acceptance, death, glbt, hope, kids, suicide, suicide prevention
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