Tapati (tapati) wrote,

What Young Women Need To Know About Men

Warning signs of a potential abuser:

LIST OF WARNING SIGNS HELPS WOMAN RECOGNIZE ABUSER (Dear Abby) Our daughters and granddaughters should all know these signs. Any young women with apparent low self esteem should also be considered for counseling.

Companion post: Open Letter to my Grandsons About Domestic Violence This is especially important for boys who, like my grandsons, have witnessed domestic violence in their own home or anyone who seems to have problems managing anger. I'd also intervene with therapy early on in such a case.

Likewise, if girls seem to have trouble managing anger and act it out physically, they may need anger management training and boys with low self esteem should also be helped to overcome that and recognize the signs of an abuser also.

Basically, relationships shouldn't just "happen," but rather, teens should get some training in how to have a good, healthy one and how to recognize problems. We take them to a zillion other lessons, why not get them some assertiveness and communication skills?
Tags: abuse, domestic violence, love, relationships, signs

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