Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Home Sweet Storage Unit?

I get tired of homeless dreams. It's been a long time since I was homeless--since the early eighties, in fact. Why do I still have so many dreams about it?

Last night at least I managed to find shelter indoors, instead of the more usual sleeping-outside dreams.

I moved into the storage unit! There I was with my boxes of stuff, tucked into my bed all snug. I'd even put a rug down. In the dream there were others doing the same thing and we were all very supportive and congenial.

But I woke up and was like, WTF? I'm not homeless, dammit!

The other annoying dreams are the moving/apartment-hunting dreams. I have moved many times in my life, even in the last few years, so at least I understand why I still dream about it. I am forever trying to find home.
Tags: bio, dream, dreams, home, homeless, memoir, moving

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