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Today on Facebook...

I don't usually do this but I was especially wordy on FB today, so here's what I was talking about...

Fall is in the air--Happy Equinox! We are entering the season of beautiful leaves, pumpkin pies, oven-roasted veggies, simmering soups, and hopefully relief from summer heat. Enjoy!
I don't know when peanut oil became this exotic, hard to find item. It used to have one slot on my local grocery shelves. Now they have mostly canola and olive oil or blends of the two. We went to 3 stores looking. Finally I called a 4th and they do have it. I use it in Indian food when I don't use ghee (clarified butter). I'm going to buy two bottles just in case.
Grits with 4 eggs, milk, half a stick of butter, *lots* of cheese with more on top--Paula Deen, I worry about your health if you actually eat the things you show us how to make every day. My HDL isn't high enough to survive it. I sure hope yours is!
I'm grateful that I had a good excuse to take a short drive in my beloved Miata today (which I've been avoiding because it bothers the inflamed nerve in my neck). It was a beautiful sunny morning, not too cool, not hot, perfect. (And I got that peanut oil.)
This whole Christine O'Donnell witchcraft thing bothers me on many levels. First, we once again get witchcraft mistakenly equated with Satanism. Second, the implication is that if you are a witch or Wiccan or any type of pagan, running for public office is a problem because there's something wrong with you exercising your freedom of religion--in America! Really? Don't we have separation of Church and State?
Plus I shared a link for a good blog post about grieving by a self described grief zombie.
And on a forum I visit I shared the link for this really good article about interfaith dialog: How We Discuss Religion on Tikkun Daily

I wish I could just auto-share links here as easily as I can do elsewhere. That would be a USEFUL LJ feature. ;)
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