Tapati (tapati) wrote,

More heart tests

My new doc ordered another cardiac test that I've scheduled for Monday. It seems to me like my stent needs to be looked at or else I've got another narrowed artery. Still getting blood flow but the slightest exertion leaves me breathless and feeling weak. No pain on exertion yet. Interestingly, the fact that I had chest pain during my nuclear scan stress test didn't make it into the report--it said I DIDN'T have chest pain. I wonder if they can correct a report after the fact? I did tell them I was having chest pain and I had never had chest pain with that test before. (They give you a medication that revs up your heart, then another to reverse that, then they do a nuclear scan.)

Now I'm going to have an echocardiogram (resting, not with stress). I guess depending on how that looks they'll decide whether a catheterization is needed. (AKA angiogram.)

I can tell things aren't normal because I am looking longingly at scooters, wishing I could have one. I would get out more and do more things that way. But I'd rather get my arteries opened so I can walk again.
Tags: bio, chronic illness, health, heart disease

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