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headache from hell

My headache journal is usually private as I don't want to bore people to tears with the details of my migraines. Today I felt like letting it all hang out, as this has been going on all week long.

This headache started yesterday and lasted all day, to the point where I could barely do my work and longed to go home and rest. It remained at levels 8 to 9 all day, and by nightfall had increased to 10, the highest level, the level I compare to childbirth and gallbladder attacks. I took vicodin at that point (I can't take migraine meds that constrict arteries because of heart disease) and it took it back to 9, where it remained even as I finally went to sleep. Today it took up where it left off and I have not gone in to work and nothing I do for it helps.

Simultaneously it seems there's been an outbreak of discourtesy on my forum and I've spent the week having to do more active moderating. Is it something in the air? It's affecting people all over the globe so I can't say it's localized.

Chronic pain is really wearing and I feel sometimes like I can't take it anymore. Although I'm not suicidal I want desperately to find a cure for this. I do understand why some chronic pain sufferers lose hope and give up. I'm not there now but check back in a few years.

I have to try to eat something now, without any migraine triggers preferably. I've been too queasy to eat today but I need to get something down. Sometimes eating carbs helps. I've heard some theories about why.
Tags: diet, headaches, health, migraine

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