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Mercury--It's Everywhere You Don't Want it to Be

Part of my objection to the fixation on thimerosal in vaccines is that it's such a minuscule amount of mercury compared to what's already in our environment and on our plates. I think it's far more likely that if mercury contributes to autism, it is the cumulative effect of all such exposure--beginning in the womb. Science has not proven that mercury is involved in autism, but if it is, consider these other means of exposure:


Air, Water

Broken CFL lighbulbs if not properly handled (learn how.)

Old-style dental fillings (disputed but it may add up with all this other exposure)

Other household sources.

It even used to be in a topical ointment called mercurochrome that my mom used for my scratches and abrasions and I used for my kids.

I also remember one of our thermometers broke and I played with the stuff! I was fascinated with the shiny silver color and the way it felt like a liquid but wasn't quite like other liquids. I ran the blobs through my hands repeatedly. I shudder to think of this now that I know more about mercury's effects!

Here's the article that made me take it far more seriously:

I am what I ate (Salon)


In preliminary results, the study found that 21 percent of potentially child-bearing women exhibited mercury levels that exceed Environmental Protection Agency guidelines.

Scientists for the EPA estimate that some 600,000 kids born each year are at risk because of their mothers' mercury levels, since mercury levels in a newborn's umbilical cord were found to be 1.7 times the level in the mother's blood.

The largest manmade source of mercury pollution is the coal-fired power plant, which puts the toxin squarely in the middle of energy politics. Environmental groups tried to make mercury pollution in fish an issue in swing states during the presidential election. MoveOn.org ran an ad criticizing the Bush administration's lax approach to curbing mercury pollution. Meanwhile, the tuna industry seized on recent data from the Centers for Disease Control that suggest overall contamination levels of American women could be lower than previously measured, and proclaimed there is nothing to worry about.

Want to test your hair for mercury accumulation?


Also notable: Autism Diva

Finally, here is one post critiquing the way the vaccination/autism link is promoted:


regarding: http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2005/06/16/thimerosal

(Yes, Salon--one wonders whether they read their earlier article about the many other exposures to mercury--including prenatal!)
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