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A Desperate Situation

If you can help these good people get to dialysis, there's a paypal button at the bottom of this linked page. I'm sure prayers and candles and good thoughts are much appreciated too.


My husband has had Chronic Kidney Disease since childhood. He was born premature and the tube from bladders to kidneys was not fully formed. This was not discovered until he was about ten, and by that time his kidneys had been irrevocably damaged.

Many people would have just laid down and whimpered and expected the world to take care of them from then on. Not my husband.

He has worked hard all of his life. He devotes himself 100% to whatever job he is doing. We put him through college and he got a great job. That great job was with one of those companies that was so naughty in the 90s and he was laid off without any benefits for the many years he worked long hours and days off on salary to "help us make it and we'll take care of you". Despite that, we made the best of it. Moved to New Mexico and eventually to this ranch we love so much and he took another job - a hard physically demanding job in spite of his physical condition and his age (40) and gave his best to them working many hours of overtime and during times when they were extremely busy and short handed.

In January his body finally gave out. He was diagnosed with ESRD - End Stage Renal Disease. He still forced himself to work part-time until March, when surgery to install a fistula for dialysis (which failed) made him unable to use one arm. We applied then for SS Disability.

In May his kidneys finally completely gave out and he was hospitalized for kidney failure, as well as a heart condition caused by the kidney failure. They finally began dialysis with a catheter since a fistula will not take and now he is not healthy enough for the surgery to attempt another.

We are now taking him 100 miles to the nearest dialysis center three times a week. Most weeks he also has two or three doctors appointments so that we are driving that distance almost daily. He suffers from mental confusion - a symptom of ESRD - and exhaustion - a symptom of anema caused by the ESRD - and is not able to drive, thus I am needed to drive him to dialysis and doctors.

Although we applied for his disability in March, SSD says they are still "considering it". Until they make a decision, either to grant or refuse it, we cannot even have a lawyer dispute it.

Mind you - the dialysis center applied about a month ago for his medical insurance to pay for dialysis through SSD - and THAT has been approved. And believe me, I am grateful for that - since they were already asking how we intended to pay for dialysis.

We are receiving food stamps. Last month we were approved for a minimal assistance payment from the state - about enough to take him to dialysis for a week.

I have had three jobs. I've been let go from every one of them for the same reason - I need three to five days off a week to take him to doctors and dialysis.

I can create artwork - either "real" artwork such as portraits in pastel, acrylic, colored pencil - or any kind of digital artwork such as clipart for a website or a line art for a crafts or sewing pattern. I can write an article on any subject you need. I will sell you any of my art or websites or Squidoo lenses. I am looking to sell my sewing machine and my precious beloved kayak.

Every little bit helps so if you have a few bucks to spare please consider it. Thank you!
Tags: chronic illness, finance, friends, health, poverty

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