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Sorry I poked my head out

So I've finally come out of my migraine-induced fog and opened my mail, wanting to call and make the appointments for my neck MRI (to locate the pinched nerve) and the follow up with the specialist.

One of the pieces of mail was not what I expected. That endoscopy I was pushed to have to rule out possible bleeding in my upper GI system ended up costing me $150.00. I had no idea. Our new cut-rate insurance company never sent us a booklet giving us the list of co-pays. This is equivalent to an ER visit co-pay!

In a panic I thought about diverting the funds from Paypal I am saving towards my CPAP mask and hose. But then I realized that I really need the new mask and the new style will be better for my neck. The current one has a hard piece that rests on the back of my head. They put a cushion under it but not enough. So I tend to tilt my head to one side or the other which tweaks my neck and probably contributed to the pinched nerve problem in the first place. But since breathing at night is kind of important, I've just put up with it. The new mask has only a strap going around back and should be much better for my neck.

So I've just called the endoscopy folks and suggested a $25.00 a month payment plan.

The frustrating thing is, my blood count went UP this last time I got my blood tests so if I'd seen those numbers first I wouldn't have scheduled the endoscopy. I still wonder why it was going down month after month and suddenly went up. I also wonder why I don't have more energy. The cheerful reason my doc suggested? "Your heart might not be pumping as well." Oh yeah, my heart failure might be accelerating. But until I get this neck/arm problem solved, I can't hold the position needed for the adenosine-cardiolyte test. I'd have to hold my arms above my head as the scanner rotates around me, taking a picture of the blood flow pattern to my heart. From that they get the ejection fraction, a measurement of how well my heart is pumping. Last time it was down to 38, from 59 in 2002.

I'm wondering if my dramatically increased migraines are in part caused by my neck issues. When I finally get the cortisone shot I guess I'll find out. The weather hasn't been helping. Storms are a definite trigger for me.

All these migraines are messing with my writing schedule and I am really anxious to get going. I feel a sense of urgency, like I'm racing a clock I can't see.
Tags: bio, finance, health, heart disease, migraine

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