Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Kids Update

First let me say I am stunned and touched by the outpouring of support and help for my grandsons. As I said, I hope they will remember this most when they look back in later years, not the pettiness of their father.

Regarding sizes, since they came away with the clothes on their backs and had grown quite a bit since October when their mom last saw them, here's what we know:

The oldest, Jonathan, wears a boys' large in T shirts (12-14). He's very tall for an 8 year old. Valente wears a boys' medium (10-12). She doesn't know the shoe size because all they had on were Mexican cowboy boots so she's going to have to try some on at the store to find out. Jonathan's jeans had a size 12 tag on them. He has very long legs but I guess there was no inseam measurement. His brother is much shorter though still tall for his age and I gather there was no size showing on his jeans. I'll know more when we can get the gift card to her and she does some shopping and they try on some stuff. It is coming here first because I used paypal and they would only deliver to the address registered there. Mom is also hooking up with social services' resources and when she gets some cash will hit the thrift stores.

The toys they are missing most right now are the Bakugan figures (Jonathan: "I had 99! And the game board!"), the Legos, the xbox (I don't expect anyone to donate that!) and their bikes (ditto!). But really, any cool toy currently in vogue for boys will certainly distract them from their losses. :) They enjoy cars and trains and all the usual stuff. They also like books and board games.

Thanks again, from the bottom of my heart.
Tags: child abuse, clothes, domestic violence, grandsons
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