Tapati (tapati) wrote,

We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends

I have happily passed on donation information for others who are chronically ill while struggling to figure out which beans to cook today and adding a scrap of vegetable that I have left in a vain attempt to make it more interesting. I have urged people to contribute towards getting medication for others while my own medications go unfilled. I have watched as my husband goes every day to a stressful job that he hates in order to support both of us in an area where two incomes don't go that far anymore. There are medical expenses I haven't even tried to tackle with the little we have left after rent and food and basic meds. I need a new CPAP mask and hose, for example. I need special orthopedic shoes for walking because with fluid retention I no longer fit into normal shoes--they aren't high enough even if I buy a size too large. Doctors are always recommending things I should get in addition to my medications or urging physical therapy, always things I can't afford--even with health insurance. I've had to examine why I'm so quick to scrape up five bucks to donate to another chronically ill person while not ever asking for anything to meet my needs.

I suspect it's a combination of low self esteem and a working class bias against asking for handouts.

On the other hand, I have provided free previews of the rough draft of my memoir here, and if you were entertained by it and moved to donate, perhaps I can think of it as payment for being entertained. :)

I left the button set to allow you to enter the amount you feel that you can spare, and if you can't spare cash well wishes and prayers are also greatly appreciated. I have donated as low as five dollars, as I said, so no need to be embarrassed by a small amount! No one else will know. :)

Bless you for reading this and considering helping. I know many of us are in a hard place right now. If you'd like to pass on the link to this entry, please feel free and thank you!

Tags: bio, class issues, finance, health care, poverty

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