Tapati (tapati) wrote,


  • 12:11 @NathanFillion it feels different for different people. I didn't feel too bad when I had it, almost left busy clinic w/o diagnosis get well!
  • 12:16 RT Lt. Dan Choi and Cpt. Jim Pietrangelo Arrested After Chaining Themselves to White House Fence in 'DADT' Protest www.towleroad.com/
  • 12:18 no women don't fantasize about housework-cartoon xkcd.com/714/
  • 12:27 Oh goddess those horrible Phelps people are on twitter. ugh. You know, the ones who protest funerals? Yeah them...
  • 12:48 @jessibird yeah I want to tell Obama: Just DO IT!
  • 12:58 @jessibird good point!
  • 13:28 www.hipmama.com/node/30311 Teeth by Frances Varian
  • 13:47 www.helphealfran.org/

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