Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Help Heal Fran

I suspect that now is a good time to re-post this url:


Right now Fran Varian is undergoing a long and challenging course of treatment for late stage Lyme and co-infection (Babesia*) that is quite debilitating. She temporarily has insurance but of course there are a zillion expenses not covered and she is unable to work. Now while I firmly believe that every life is valuable, I'd like to point out that Fran is a talented writer, performance artist, and activist who gives much to our world. I think she is exceptionally deserving of support. There are links to some of her writing at the above link and a paypal button.

Btw, Fran hasn't asked me to re-post this. I just know that she needs more help and wanted to pass on the link.

*http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babesia a common infection that gets passed on by ticks, like Lyme, and all too often, together
Tags: chronic illness, health

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