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One with my Miata

Yesterday Dave and I went to a Miata event (name withheld to preserve the privacy of my location).

Shakti and I won an award: Jinba Ittai “Oneness between Rider and Horse”

Yes, I've already merged with my Miata! Om Shakti!

It was a lot of fun to see all the cute Miatas all shined up and ready to show off to the judges. There was the Miata with sharks teeth in front and a shark fin on the back, with a stuffed dolphin caught in its teeth. There was a cute white Miata with blue racing stripes down the center. There was an interesting colored Miata--brown in some lights, flecked with crimson or purple in other lights. We saw them in bright yellow, 4 shades of blue, black, red, forest green, white, silver, and one other teal Miata besides ours. One of my favorites was a red Miata with chrome accents both interior and exterior, a stunning combination.

More pictures behind the cut

On the way back we saw some of the drivers in their Miatas and of course waved happily at each other. At one point we reached over 110 mph on a nice, straight stretch. We didn't stay there long, we just wanted to see what she'd do if we let her go. On our local curvy mountain highway we were tailgated by a driver who later went on to tailgate another Miata--all with a smile on his face. Was he jealously homicidal or did he just want a better look? Who knows? We were all glad to leave him behind.

It was a beautiful day weather wise, sunny but not hot, and I learned a lot from experienced Miata owners about maintenance and accessories. I've never been one to accessorize my car but I do feel that I need to do justice to this beautiful Miata.

The whole day was a blissful counterpoint to the tragic news of this past couple of weeks, and on one hand I feel almost guilty to be having so much fun while others are suffering (although others are always suffering and being unhappy will help them not at all), and on the other hand, I've been through so much the past few years that I will take rays of sunshine when and where I can get them.
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