Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Fat hatred is so pervasive, even friends act it out

I was rather shocked when a person on my friends' list at both Facebook and LJ chose to go into a fat hating rant in both places, first in comments to my own post on Facebook about the Southwest debacle, then on his LJ.

He's free to believe what he likes about why people are fat and whether they've ever tried to do something about weight loss or not (I have yet to meet the fat person who has not been on several diet and exercise programs but whatever). I just feel like I get enough fat hatred out in the world--I don't need friends to do it too. Really, you can't be my friend and bash fat people. Then try to smooth it over and say "Oh I don't mean YOU." Well, yes you do. I'm just like all the other fat people you are bashing. Sometimes I eat well and sometimes I'm depressed and eat junk. Gosh, that sounds like everyone, really.

I just don't believe that I can only be treated with respect if I eat the right things in the right amounts every day of my life. I'm a human being and I treat others with respect. I demand and expect the same in return.
Tags: fat acceptance, fat phobia, looksism, prejudice
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