Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Hate On Me, Haters

A follow up on the Southwest Blog:

All of you fat haters should be thanking Kevin Smith for publicizing his experience on Southwest because hearing that his armrest was able to go down and he got thrown off anyway has convinced many of us never to fly Southwest again. Now your plane will have fewer of us repulsive fat people on board and you will be free to luxuriate in your self satisfaction over not being fat yourselves.

I have been amazed and disgusted by the depth of fat hatred expressed in reaction to this blog entry. I myself have never been a smoker or had a drug or drinking problem but it never occurred to me to assume that makes me a better human being or that I have some right to view people who struggle with those problems as less human or deserving of respect. Maybe fat people make you uncomfortable because you have trouble eating a healthy diet yourselves, I don' t know. It is possible to eat badly and remain thin as long as you don't consume excess calories and exercise.

I suspect it would be easier for me to lose weight than it would be for some of you to learn compassion. I'd rather be in my large shoes and treat all people respectfully than be so hateful towards people I don't even know.

Like the song says, "Hate on me haters..."
Tags: fat phobia, looksism

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