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15 February 2010 @ 11:01 pm

  • 05:20 I agree with Kevin Smith-Southwest's standards subjective. I was not charged 2 seats at 290 lbs for 2 non peak flights, bigger hips. Timing?
  • 05:23 Smodcast 106 is online now. Listen up here smodcast.com or subscribe at tinyurl.com/smodcastitunes
  • 05:25 @malcolmcoles He usually chooses to buy 2 seats to save hassle, but he fit in one with arm rests down seatbelt buckled which is their rule
  • 05:26 Re Kevin Smith: fat people often buy 2 seats on southwest because we don't want to be surprised by their subjective application of rule.
  • 05:31 @ThatKevinSmith I flew 2x at nonpeak times and was not asked to buy 2 seats needed 2 inch extension for belt subjective as hell! 290 # then
  • 05:33 @ThatKevinSmith I think it depends on how many seats they have, we look fatter when the plane is full. Been pushed to define size clearly...
  • 05:36 @Alyssa_Milano Be true to your own values no matter what anyone says about you. Be your own advocate and chart your own course.
  • 05:39 @ThatKevinSmith What they don't get is their uneven implementation leaves us uncertain and discourages us from flying via SW. Too risky, +$$

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